Not all types of acne leaves blemishes. Blackheads and whiteheads for example are mild types of acne that can easily be treated and will not leave blemishes. To think about it, not all acne that normally leaves blemishes should. Sometimes, severe types of acne like pustules and cystic nodules are not only painful, they would also most likely be the types that would leave embarrassing blemishes.

Lucky for people suffering from acne that there are ways to get rid of these blemishes. There are a lot of treatments out there and finding the best product for acne is not exactly a walk in the park.. Or shall I say, more like prevent the blemishes initially. If one has severe acne, especially the red, swollen pus-filled acne squeezing it or popping it out might make it look better but believe it or not you are making things worse. It is so much easier to just treat the acne directly and wait for it to dry out than doing something to it like popping it. The scars that acne leaves are actually more stubborn than acne itself.

One important thing to remember about getting rid of acne marks is moisture. Hydrated skin means new skin cells can function well and look better. Exfoliating is good too because it scrubs off dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin. Exfoliating too often will irritate the skin and could only get you to become an acne victim again. Using a real smooth cloth to gently lather the skin of your face with once a week is just perfect.

Sure, there are a number of scar removal creams, oil and ointments available everywhere. The way they show the before and after results in their tv advertisements are very promising. However, since you will be applying it to your face, making sure that it will not irritate your facial skin is a must. The key here is actually time. There are no scar that can actually vanish in just like that in a day. I would actually prefer just washing my face with a gentle liquid soap than applying anything chemical. Or I’d probably prefer something natural like homemade acne treatments and products with exfoliating properties. Just do a little research and do not just believe what you see in infomercials.